Chronostacia (Kind of a Review, But Not Really)


The artwork on this game is beautiful – I mean, just look at that picture. Look at those colors. O.O I spent a lot of time ooh-ing and aah-ing at the gorgeous backgrounds, and some of the CG’s were just as pretty – not all, though, some of them looked really weird (like the one where Kyogo is touching Lucia’s mouth with his fingertip? His head is entirely too big and too red and his facial features look like they’re about to slide off his face. His head actually kind of looks like a big melon).

This would be fine with me if that’s how he usually looks, but it isn’t. Sigh.

But anyway. Here are just two screencaps I took of the game’s backgrounds; I had more than two, but the game has a copyright and all – I figure I’d better just post a quote instead of the whole chapter. ūüôā



Eva’s circus and Clive’s piano, respectively. Soooooo pretty.

But anyway. I do love most of the characters on this game. Kyogo is a sweetheart, even though he’s more than a little clich√© for this type of game. Clive is adorable and I love him despite those¬†massive plot-holes that tried really hard to ruin him. Adam is a really good character, again despite those plot-holes, even though I can’t for the life of me figure out why Lucia falls for him in the end. And finally, I love Hollic to pieces, even though he got stuck with most of the infodump dialogue in the game.

Tio was the only dud for me; he was just kind of . . . pathetic? And not in an oh-he-loses-his-memories-on-a-regular-basis kind of way. I just mean that his route suffered badly from being repetitive, and unlike all the other routes it doesn’t really tie in much with the main story.

My main thoughts on the game are something like this:

Pretty artwork!

Oh, glowy lights! Pretty!

…….What the heck just happened?

Listen to the background music, isn’t it pretty?

Opening movie! Pretty!

How on earth is that supposed to make sense? Explanations please, game!

*puts opening movie song on repeat in headphones for three hours*

Awww, Kyogo and his pets. ‚̧

Awww, Kyogo and the little kids. ‚̧

Ehh, what? A time paradox thingy, really?

Ooh, circus! Pretty!

Awww, Clive is so cute. ‚̧

Wait, what? I thought you remembered everything? ……Everything but the one thing that was convenient to the plot, I guess.

*starts to like some facets of Adam’s character*

……Wait, what? Did that really just happen?

Lucia, I missed the part where you fell for the evil, jealous psychopathic stalker guy. Was I not paying attention or something?

*still likes Adam’s character despite the awful nonsense romance*

Hollic, dear, I’m sorry, but your story just isn’t making much sense to me. Maybe my Japanese isn’t good enough to grasp everything you’re saying. …..Yeah, that must be it…..

*end weird non-review thingy*

But really, I loved the characters – I did. It was just the plot that made no sense whatsoever. I mean, any time-travel story is bound to make no sense, but this made even less sense than usual. I can’t even get into it because it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

All the characters suffered from the story. Plot-holes and nonsense are everywhere. I don’t think the plot actually¬†ruined¬†any of the characters completely, but it tried to. I just really hate it in books, movies, games, whatever,¬†when the plot makes no sense and constantly contradicts itself. It’s kind of hard to get a grasp on what’s going on from route to route when stories keep changing and new plot-holes keep appearing under your feet.

The opening movie is gorgeous, of course, if a bit lengthy for my taste. The background music is pretty (everything about the background of this game is pretty) and I literally listened to the opening song over and over again.

The voice actors all did amazing jobs, as usual (although I got a lot of Hughes flashbacks from Hollic). Hikaru especially was perfect – I’ve never heard him voice a character quite like Clive before. And¬†Hino Satoshi. Orpheus is one of those characters who suffered from the plot – or lack of it, in his case – but I’ll never complain about listening to his voice. ‚̧

The backgrounds were beautiful, as I mentioned, but I did actually get frustrated with the flower petals drifting around everywhere. They were entirely too slow and glitchy-looking, and they fell¬†everywhere in the city, and yet there wasn’t a single background where the floor was littered with flower petals. Not one. So they just – dissolve once they hit the ground, or what?

Also, they reminded me of Death Connection and the falling leaves on there. Ugh.

One other thing – at the end of Clive’s Good End, I got a CG with four or five different versions. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get all the versions to show up in my gallery – I only got two of them. I replayed his route at least three times trying to unlock them, but they stayed stubbornly locked, and eventually I just took screencaps and gave up.

Screencap #1

Screencap #2

I wouldn’t even post the links to¬†them here, except that the game glitched on me with them, so it deserves it.

There was only one other CG that I had non-artwork-related problems with.

I had to take three screencaps of this one and put them together in Photoshop so I could see the whole thing. It’s beautiful, of course, but either there was no way to view it all at once in-game, or I was just too stupid to find it.

(At least, unlike Danzai no Maria, it allowed me to scroll up and down at will….)

But anyway. There are things about this game that I love and things that I really hate. Adam’s character I love, but his romance with Lucia I hate. Clive’s personality I love, but the plot conveniences in his story I hate. The game’s artwork I mostly love, and the music I love, but the plot I hate. Kyogo’s personality I love, but PLOT-HOLES PLOT-HOLES PLOT-HOLES. Etc.

All in all, this game isn’t bad. If you could ignore all the plot-holes and nonsense in the story and just enjoy the characters – a thing I find pretty much impossible – then you’d probably love it. (Oh, and if you don’t mind missing a couple of CG’s because they refuse to unlock once you’ve earned them.)

But despite all the headaches and all my complaining, I am glad I played it. And I guess that’s what counts, isn’t it? ūüėÄ

Now somebody punch me, I need motivation to go load up Kamisama to Koigokoro and set up a guide for Kenga’s route…..


(Because this Post Needs a Title)

Unfortunately for my (practically nonexistent) organization techniques, I often end up playing more than one game at a time. Final Fantasy can usually hold all of my attention until I’m done with it, but any other series . . . no, mostly I play them off and on. Especially with VN games – since I own a half-dozen or so games that I haven’t finished, I target one character from a random game and do their route, and then I might switch off to another game next.

Pretty much the only exception to that rule was Shinobi Koi Utsutsu. I played the entire game all the way through, character after character, without a break. I haven’t played an entire VN game so fast in forever.

But the point of this rambling nonsense post is – I finished Kenga’s route on Kamisama to Koigokoro and it was one of my favorites, although it seemed harder than Subaru’s to get all of his CG’s. I need to post a review for him, but I need to get my thoughts and screencaps in order first. (I might end up posting another guide, but I might not – I think sticking pretty close to Subaru’s pattern but switching the focus to Kenga’s stats works well enough? I don’t know, I’ll have to see how lazy I am when I finally decide to sit down and write the review.)

In the meantime, I finally got my copy of Chronostacia and I’m playing Kyogo’s route at the moment. . . . So I’ll have to go back and finish Kamisama to Koigokoro later.

I’m loving Chrono though, the art is absolutely gorgeous, I love the BGM’s and there isn’t a character so far whom I dislike. Let’s hope my first impressions last!

Kyougo (It says Kyogo on the game but the katakana says Kiyougo.)

Kamisama to Koigokoro: Subaru’s Route

Well, I (finally)¬†finished Subaru’s route on Kamisama to Koigokoro. I managed to get all¬†of his endings and CG’s,¬†so I thought I’d post a guide in case anyone else has trouble getting the hang of this game. ūüôā

Oh, and I’ve never posted a guide to anything before – usually I just walk people through it one thing at a time. Sorry if it’s too clunky or if I made many mistakes.

Notes on what I thought about the game are at the bottom. ūüėÄ

Pure End Route

See how the lower choice is highlighted in white? That’s the correct choice if you’re meaning to get Subaru’s endings. ūüôā The highlighted one will always be the one I picked. Oh, and I did get a little help with stat numbers and such from this post, so all the credit for this guide isn’t mine.

(I think the Mother has a good voice, but something about the way she talks annoys me? I dunno. Too many sudden starts and stops, I think.)

Now, after those first few choices, you’re going to have to play a mini-game. Pick the open book first (Reading), the watering can (Gardening) the wavy lines (Cleaning) the sparkles (Memorial) the letter (Consultation) and the target (Meditation) in that order.

Basically, this game is kind of like playing Monster Rancher. You need to train up the heroine’s stats to fit with whatever ending you’re aiming for. Meditation is basically a day off, and it might not seem like a good idea to spend half the route sleeping, but trust me, you need to meditate a¬†lot to get your endings.

Anyway. Make sure you get a Perfect rating on your mini-game. If you have to load and retry a few times, it’s no big deal, and it’ll be worth it. When you’ve gotten a Perfect mini-game, you’ll get a screen that looks like this:

Those numbers at the very top of the screen are your current stats. Meditation, AKA dozing, will cut down on that number in the top-right. Don’t worry about that, we want to keep that number down.

(There are a lot of choices on this game, so be warned.)

Now, at this point in the game you’ll get your first Pardon or Lesson mini-game. Make sure you get a Perfect on it, and you’ll get a screen that looks something like this:

Don’t worry if your stats are a little different than mine, the heroine doesn’t always get the exact same score. As long as they’re pretty close, everything should be fine.

Here’s the first Sending a Letter scene. You’ll see it a few times throughout the game. I won’t keep posting pics for every time it appears, so remember how to get to Subaru, okay? This top button is the heroine deciding to send a letter.

This is a list of people you can send it to. Pick the bottom one, which is “Other People”.

And there’s Subaru, right in the middle. Until further notice, that’s how the Sending a Letter scenes are going to go.

After this scene, you’re going to need to reset your schedule. Pick Gardening, Reading, Cleaning, Memorial, Consultation, and Meditation, in that order. Make sure you get a Perfect on the mini-game. (Tired of hearing me say that yet?)

By the way, if you keep failing to get Perfect, you can load the game right from your result screen (above) by hitting Start. So save just¬†before the turn of the week and things’ll go much faster.

Now you’ll get your second Send a Letter scene. It’ll be exactly the same three choices as before : top, bottom, middle.

And after that, you’ll reset your schedule again. Pick six¬†Meditations in a row.

(I love Seiji’s and Subaru’s friendship.)

Time to send another letter. Same pattern as before: top, bottom, middle.

And like before, pick six¬†Meditations in a row. At this point my stats were 16, 15, 13, 10, 14, and 0 from left to right. As long as you’re pretty close to that, you’re good – if you’re like ten points off or something, go ahead and adjust your stats with a bit of training.

You won’t have to do a mini-game unless it’s the first slot of the week, by the way, so if you need to adjust something, put whatever isn’t Meditation in the middle somewhere.

Always Pardon him.

And now, send another letter to Subaru! Same pattern as before.

But I finally want you to start training again. Pick Reading, Gardening, Cleaning, Memorial, Memorial, and Meditation.

Send Subaru another letter, same pattern as before.

At this point my stats were 26, 19, 19, 13, 16, and 10. If your stats are higher than that, pick six Meditations in a row. I was dissatisfied, so I picked Meditation, Reading, Consultation, Memorial, Meditation, and Meditation.

There the Mother basically asks you if you want to play¬†a mini-game or not. Always pick the top one, and you’ll get the Pardon or Lesson mini-game. Aim for Perfect, as always.

Time to reset your schedule again. Pick five Meditations, then put one Reading into the last slot.

Pardon or Lesson mini-game again, make sure you get Perfect.

And make sure your stats are sticking pretty close to mine.

Reset your schedule again, Meditation, Meditation, Gardening, Meditation, Meditation, and Meditation.

Any of those other choices’ll lead you to the other characters – this one leads you to Maika, who doesn’t have a route, so she’s the safest bet.

(That was not a good hiding place, Subaru dear.)

Now the Mother’ll ask you her customary Sunday question again. Pick the top one, get Perfect on your mini-game.

Reset your schedule with Reading, Garden, Cleaning, Memorial, Memorial, and Meditation.

My stats were actually a little lower than recommended at this point, especially that 25 and 26. But as long as you’re not lower than those, you should be fine.

Now create¬†Save File #1. Don’t overwrite it, whatever you do.

Send another letter to Subaru, then reset your schedule. Try Reading, Gardening, Cleaning, Memorial, Memorial, and Meditation.

And then reset your schedule again. Try Reading, Gardening, Reading, Memorial, Reading, and Meditation.

Now¬†create¬†Save File #2. Don’t overwrite it.

Reset your schedule. At this point my stats were 74, 35, 49, 33, 52, and 0. If yours are about the same, you’re good. If they’re lower, go ahead and train up to adjust them – if not, use six Meditations.

And finally, create¬†Save File #3. As usual, don’t overwrite it.

And you’re set! You should roll right into Subaru’s Pure End with that.


Grace End

Load Save File #1. Instead of sending the usual letter to Subaru, we’re going to send it to Seiji. As usual, pick to send a letter. Then go to “Other People”:

and pick “Seiji-san?”.

Then it’s time to reset your schedule, but because your stats are actually pretty bad at this point, there won’t be a lot of dozing off. You’ve got to work hard and repair those stats if you want Subaru’s Grace End. Try Memorial, Gardening, Reading, Reading, Gardening, and Meditation.

We need to get all those stats up to 50 – except for the one on the far right, that should stay near/at 0.

Reset schedule again and pick Gardening, Reading, Cleaning, Memorial, Memorial, and Meditation.

And then do it again, with Gardening, Memorial, Memorial, Cleaning, Reading, and Meditation.

Reset schedule again, and try Memorial, Reading, Reading, Cleaning, Memorial, and Meditation.

Those stats are looking much better.

Now reset your schedule again. Try Gardening, Cleaning, Memorial, Reading, Gardening, and Meditation.

Now I want you to do something weird. Create¬†Save File #4. Don’t overwrite it.

…..And that’s it! Your game should roll straight into Subaru’s Grace Ending.

Bad End 1

 Load Save File #2.

Now it wants you to reset your schedule, but since you’re trying for a bad end anyway, just throw in six Meditations and leave it at that.

Then there’s the mandatory Maika question:

And you’re done! Subaru’s Bad End 1 should kick in.


Bad End 2

Load Save File #3. When you reach the mandatory Maika question, just pick the top one:

And that’s it.

Bad End 3

Finally, load¬†Save File #4.¬†As with Maika’s, just pick the top one.

That should be the last of Subaru’s scenes/endings/CG’s. I might’ve missed something, but I think I was¬†pretty thorough.

My Own Personal Opinions

I love this game. ūüôā Obviously I’ve only finished one character, but that doesn’t really matter to me – so far, I love the entire cast. Maika is a little useless, but she’s adorable – kind of like the heroine. The Mother is a good character, even though the way she talks irritates me, and the Father is okay. (I wish Death Connection’s priest had been as harmless as this one.)

The mini-games are all really fun, with the exception of Kuon’s – that one is too hard, gah. I have a feeling that speeding through his route to get screencaps won’t be as fun as it was with Subaru’s.

Subaru is awesome. Seriously. His character was written so well¬†– I mean, I loved him to pieces while he was cheerful and sweet at the beginning, but it was so much better farther into his route, once he started being moodier and more despairing and such. I won’t post spoilers, but I absolutely loved him. ‚̧ (And it helps that he was voiced by¬†Takuma. He did a wonderful job, as usual.)

Anyway. The artwork for the game is beautiful, the CG’s are lovely (even though two of Subaru’s are just random pictures of him standing there, nothing interesting going on at all). My only problem with the artwork is that the characters’ sprites¬†only have¬†one pose. They have a ton of facial expressions, but just one pose. Honestly this didn’t bother me too much – it annoys me more when the artist feels the need to give every character five or six dramatic poses, complete with head-tilting and hand-waving and such – but I still would’ve liked to see just maybe¬†two poses for each.

The BGMs seemed a little odd to me at first, but I guess I got used to them? They¬†didn’t annoy me by the time I’d finished my first playthrough, I actually quite liked them.

So, I can’t give the whole game a fair rating after only finishing one character¬†– I haven’t even¬†met Jun’s character yet – but so far, the game’s a winner for me. ūüėÄ There isn’t a lot of plot to it, but if you just want good characters, fun mini-games, pretty artwork and a nice, fluffy game overall, I think this one’s great.

Random Update + Screencapping

Hey! I thought I’d better finally actually¬†post something on my blog, huh? So thankfully, I did something yesterday that’s post-worthy. ūüėÄ I play a lot of VN games on my PSP, and honestly it’s been driving me crazy for, like,¬†ever that I can’t take screenshots without having the copyrights in the bottom right ruining the beautiful (or really bad, depending) artwork. ¬†Oh, and on some games, you can’t even¬†take screenshots at all. Like the one I’ve been fiddling with recently, Kamisama to Koigokoro.

Why haven’t I played Takuyo’s games before? I’m loving this one.

Sooo…..I decided to finally buckle down and find a screencap plugin. I’d looked before, of course, but half the comments on most screencap stuff are something like “Why isn’t it working?” and “This is junk” and “Techy techy techy stuff that I don’t understand”. (That last is paraphrased. I’m just not a really techy person, and every time someone said something about taking apart the PSP or something I backed off and decided I could live without screencaps.) But then –this one– actually looked like it made sense, and to top it all off, the About the Author was awesome. And of course I managed to get myself frustrated and think stuff wasn’t working, but that’s just because A) I’m stupid and B) it was really¬†too simple. I don’t trust things that are too simple. But the plugin works beautifully, and now I can save as many pics as I want. Yay.

Now I need to go back to Shinobi Koi Utsutsu and play Kamakiyo’s route again and take a thousand new pics, because all of mine have copyrights on them. *facepalm* (No, not really. I’m fine with copyrights, as long as they don’t ruin CG’s or anything. :D)

Oh, and on that note – it has been a¬†long time since I instantly enjoyed the characters so much on a VN game. Seriously, everyone on Kamisama to Koigokoro is my baby, and I haven’t even finished a playthrough yet.

Even the MC is adorable, and I don’t often like VN MC’s since they’re usually airheads, doormats, or witches. It’s a nice change. ūüėÄ

I even like the side characters. And Death Connection should take note – the priest’s voice in Death Connection almost made my ears bleed. Apparently Danzai no Maria and Kamisama to Koigokoro are solid proof that priests¬†can have nice voices, even if they’re side characters. Ha. The minigames are really fun, too – except for Kuon’s, gah. His is too hard. But I’ll save the ranting for a review, shall I? Haha.¬†ūüôā So,¬†bye for now! I hope whatever you’re playing is as fun as this one!

Yay Banners


Hey, I got all of my banners working! ūüėÄ Unfortunately I have to zoom back to 75% to see the whole thing, but I blame that on WordPress’ format and not actually on the banners themselves.

Haha. Anyway. Now to find a suitable BG . . . . I’ve had Vincent Valentine as my BG in like, five different places, but I might just end up with him again, since he’s so awesome. I’ll have to see. Maybe I can be more original.

Hey! :)

This is officially this blog’s first post, huh? Haha. Okay, well, hello! I’m just setting things up here, keeping it all simple – almost painfully simple, actually. I want to go crazy customizing everything, but I don’t want to mess stuff up. My name’s Lex, but on video games I call myself Akona, so that works too. As my profile says, I love cats and Pandora Hearts, etc. I’m boring. Trust me.


Anyway. Hopefully if I can get this blog going, it’ll just be full of posts/rants/reviews/stuff about my favorite games. I’m sarcastic in any mood, bubbly when I’m happy, and brutal when I’m annoyed, so lots of that shows through when I complain/fangirl about stuff. You’ve been warned.


I play lots of fantasy RPG games, RTS and TBS¬†games, VN games, etc. My system of choice is either PlayStation or PSP, although I used to play PC games a lot. Expect to see lots of Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, and VN game stuff on here in the future. ūüôā But until then, bye!