Random Update + Screencapping

Hey! I thought I’d better finally actually post something on my blog, huh? So thankfully, I did something yesterday that’s post-worthy. 😀 I play a lot of VN games on my PSP, and honestly it’s been driving me crazy for, like, ever that I can’t take screenshots without having the copyrights in the bottom right ruining the beautiful (or really bad, depending) artwork.  Oh, and on some games, you can’t even take screenshots at all. Like the one I’ve been fiddling with recently, Kamisama to Koigokoro.

Why haven’t I played Takuyo’s games before? I’m loving this one.

Sooo…..I decided to finally buckle down and find a screencap plugin. I’d looked before, of course, but half the comments on most screencap stuff are something like “Why isn’t it working?” and “This is junk” and “Techy techy techy stuff that I don’t understand”. (That last is paraphrased. I’m just not a really techy person, and every time someone said something about taking apart the PSP or something I backed off and decided I could live without screencaps.) But then –this one– actually looked like it made sense, and to top it all off, the About the Author was awesome. And of course I managed to get myself frustrated and think stuff wasn’t working, but that’s just because A) I’m stupid and B) it was really too simple. I don’t trust things that are too simple. But the plugin works beautifully, and now I can save as many pics as I want. Yay.

Now I need to go back to Shinobi Koi Utsutsu and play Kamakiyo’s route again and take a thousand new pics, because all of mine have copyrights on them. *facepalm* (No, not really. I’m fine with copyrights, as long as they don’t ruin CG’s or anything. :D)

Oh, and on that note – it has been a long time since I instantly enjoyed the characters so much on a VN game. Seriously, everyone on Kamisama to Koigokoro is my baby, and I haven’t even finished a playthrough yet.

Even the MC is adorable, and I don’t often like VN MC’s since they’re usually airheads, doormats, or witches. It’s a nice change. 😀

I even like the side characters. And Death Connection should take note – the priest’s voice in Death Connection almost made my ears bleed. Apparently Danzai no Maria and Kamisama to Koigokoro are solid proof that priests can have nice voices, even if they’re side characters. Ha. The minigames are really fun, too – except for Kuon’s, gah. His is too hard. But I’ll save the ranting for a review, shall I? Haha. 🙂 So, bye for now! I hope whatever you’re playing is as fun as this one!


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